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Cable duct

In the meantime cable ducts have changed from a "emergency and reparation solution" to a sophisticated and flexible solution. The major advantages are obvious: easy installation, keeping the image space and the possibility to use the channel and cable for subsequent extensions or for laying cables for additional conductions.

The flexibility of the wall trunkings is a great advantage. Not only the cable ducts and the necessary devices like data and telephone connector sockets can be integrated. But also the active network components like a mini switch can be integrated.

Nowadays the design during the installation is very important. For this reason the look of the cable channels has changed significantly.

The channels in the parapet areas as well as the rubbing skirting boards provide the possibility to lay the data and power channels separately. If after-installations is necessary it can be made without a huge effort. And even in running operations it is possible to change components like data sockets.

Our services:

  • installation of cable channels
  • installation of room solutions and columns
  • extension of existing cable channels
  • uninstallation and recycling of cable channels
  • changing of defective cable channels
  • device installation in cable channels
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Network engineering

With the new components of Nexans we can realize transfer rates up to 40 GBit/s via copper cables.


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