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Consulting and Planning

Whether if it is part-renewal, extending or new installation of the existing infrastructure - Mistakes which were made during the planning phase often cannot be fixed without a high effort.

We support you with an comprehensive consultation and an excellent HelpDesk-Team in many fields of network technique during and after the project.

Our customers benefit especially from our long-time practical experiences. The employees of Netzwerkbau Berlin have attained the knowledge in numerous projects and are able to support you in complicated projects.

The fact that we are solution-orientated and manufacturer-independent guarantees you a personalized solution which exactly comes up to your requirements.

Consulting and planning for:

  • analysis the existing IT-infrastructure
  • new installation
  • WLAN networks / Hot Spots
  • inventory control of the IT-infrastructure
  • VoIP and telecommunication facilities
  • active network components
We gladly issue you an offer for free.


Network engineering

With the new components of Nexans we can realize transfer rates up to 40 GBit/s via copper cables.


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NB Netzwerkbau Berlin KG
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