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Green IT means the effort to make the complete life cycle of the IT hardware resource-saving from the production, the using to the recycling.

The continuing boom of the information and communication technologie needs increasingly large quantities of electricity. Nowadays nearly two percent of the CO2 emission worldwide were created during the production, the using and the scrapping of devices.

The power consumption of companies rises more and more due to the increasing requirements to the IT. This is not only because of the active components like server or switches in computer centers but also for the air-conditioning.

The high power consumption of air-conditioners enhances the costs for the IT in total. A company with about 100 workplaces can save approximately 3,000 EUR or 4,500 USD for costs of electricity per year with the insertion of energy saving components, says the DENA (German energy agency).

Our services:

  • consulting and planning
  • installation of active components
  • maintenancing of active components
  • exchanging of components
  • determination of requirements
  • installation of passive components
  • maintenancing of passive components
  • uninstallation and reconstruction
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Network engineering

With the new components of Nexans we can realize transfer rates up to 40 GBit/s via copper cables.


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