Minimal attenuation

Maximum data throughput

Optical fiber splicing

Optical fiber splicing

Optical fiber splicing device

During the splicing process the optical fiber is connected to a Pigtail. A Pigtail has a fiber end which is spliced ​​to the fiber with a splicer. Just by connecting the optical fiber with a Pigtail the optical fiber becomes usable.

We supply and splice all common connector types to singlemode and multimode fibers, such as LC connector, SC connector, ST connector, FC connector, E2000 connector, MTRJ connector. Of course, we also process existing materials.

Our services

  • Splicing of splice distributors
  • Splicing of patch boxes
  • Spleissen von Glasfasermuffen
  • Splicing of junction boxes
  • Fiber optic troubleshooting service

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