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Network technique

Netzwerkbau Berlin is your partner for network technique. With our certified employees we can offer every solution desired by the customer. From the new installation, modernization and faultclearing service. We support you from the planning to the realization as well as the implementation and permanent support.

copper networks

Network installation measurement device
Nowadays networks become more and more important for all companies. The importance of networks is often realized if a fatal error occured and the network is damaged.

Measurement and splicing of fiber optics

Splicing and splice devices
Fiber optic connections are the lifelines of the so called backbone. One great advantage of fiber optic is the length of the cables in contrast to copper.

Voice over IP

Voice over IP
More and more companies use the advantage of Voice over IP. Not only the infrastructure but also the advantage of clear cost savings are positive facts to us VoIP.

Online offer

Online offer
You are in a hurry but you need an alternetive offer? No problem. You have the possibility to get a quick online offer.

Video conference

Cisco TelePresence
Video conference systems provide the advantage to bring employees together which are located in different locations, without beeing in the same room.

Save costs with Green IT

Green IT
In the meantime Green IT has not only become a "trend". Due to a intelligent planning and purchasing companies have the possibility to reduce the energy costs significantly.


Big summer special

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