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Fiber to the Office and Fiber to the Desk

Fiber optics cabling are more and more important. Nowadays optical fiber cables are not only used for the connection of linked buildings, but more and more for the connection of floors and workstations.

The abbreviations FTTO means fiber to the Office and FTTD means fiber to the desk.

If you use FTTO normally the copper cables and fiber optic cables were mixed together. Therefore the fiber optic cables were used for the servers, the routers and the switches and make it possible to get a higher data rate. As a rule, the workstations were connected with copper cables.

With the FTTD method everything will be connected with fiber optics.

A few advantages of fiber optics are the minimal attenuations, very high bandwidths, a good resistance to passive and active attacks and particularly the resistance to electro magnetic interferences.

Our services:

  • planning and consulting
  • installation of single fiber optic distances
  • extension of fiber optic networks
  • installation of fiber optic networks
  • confectionning of connectors
  • splicing of fiber optics on site
  • OTDR measurements
  • after-installation
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Network engineering

With the new components of Nexans we can realize transfer rates up to 40 GBit/s via copper cables.


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