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Free Space Optics

Free space optics (FSO) are used throughout various buildings in connection with communication networks.

The applications in the area free space optics are manifold. Due to the flexibility of these systems the microwave links can be used with the complete network structure. With FSO datas can be transferred from 100 Mbps up to 1.25 Gbps.

Therefore applications like voice, datas and video can easily be realized. Another advantage is the license-free using of the frequency response, so that no additional costs incure during the running operation.

Because of the less effort for the installation it is possible to set a connection at short notice.

Especially in urban areas is FSO an interesting and economic alternative because of it`s flexibel solutions for communication networks.

Netzwerkbau Berlin is your partner for planning, installation and maintenancing for every service in the area of free space optics. We are consulting manufacturer-independent and develop flexible and economic complete solutions.

Our services:

  • planning and consulting
  • installation
  • maintenancing of free space optic systems
  • distributor for components
  • uninstallation and recovery
  • procession service
  • error searching and error deletion
  • changing of components
We gladly issue you an offer for free.


Network engineering

With the new components of Nexans we can realize transfer rates up to 40 GBit/s via copper cables.


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